universal design

Universal Design

Interaction through sound and motion in urban areas

How can mutual movement and sound generation bring people together, no matter the age, origin or possible impairments?

Based on my own observations of people in puplic space I‘ve set myself the goal to develop a communicating and interactive motivating platform.

Mutual interaction and music-making has the power to connect.

While engaging the „Motion and Sound Disc“ you get encouraged to be responsive to your counterpart and to cooperate with them.

It‘s a vivid experience for all your senses.

I also got a lot of positive feedback by people working in the field of physiotherapy. Therefore it can be understood as a therapeutical tool as well.

Function principle

The prototype worked with several bellows evenly distributed under the plattform. They are pumping air in a harmonica generating the sound.

Fotos von Daniel George/ Universal Design Forum e.V.

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