How can environmental influences such as air pollution that are recorded by urban measuring stations be made visible live and on the spot? 

My goal was to design an alternative measuring station for invisible pollution through contaminants in the air to make the urgent topic of air pollution in our cities emotionally tangible.

„ca!re“ creates an interactive, green, experience- and lounge-space in the heart of the city. A specific pollutant is assigned to each climate funnel (such as particulate matter or nitrogen oxide). The funnels are connected to roadside sensors via LED-lightstrips. Each funnel visualizes the amount of a certain pollutant in the air we breathe through these lightstrips; the displayed value increases or decreases depending on the concentration. The intensity of the pollution is communicated through a color code. 

The large, moss-covered areas of the climate funnels both clean the air and create a microclimate you can experience with all your senses.

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